With borrowed pen and lowly tree - I give these words a part of me

10 August 1972
I am who I am... no apologies... no excuses. Not today.

Even if I'm not the brightest crayon in the box - I color with my whole heart!

If you must know, I love people and communicating. My heart is vast and centuries older than it's age. Although I am an appreciator of all great works of art, I see no color, race, age or gender in people. My mind is open and I can admit when I'm wrong (however rare). : P I reject the world's standards of beauty as often as possible - it is so limiting. It is difficult for me to look at a person and NOT see into their soul.

However, if you back me into a corner I will bite. You won't find a little ankle biter here, I assure you. I can be a beast with the best of them. Life has tossed me about enough to toughen my hide. I don't mind planting my feet ... when it's necessary.

My journal is a place for me to rest, renew, rebuild ... and maybe resurface from time to time. You are welcome here ... stay as long as you like. Just don't piss me off!